OOH Media Product Spotlight – Airport Media

Reaching the elusive on-the-go consumer is easy with airport media. Depending on the market, time of year and placement, you can build a targeted out of home advertising campaign to reach frequent business travelers, vacationing families, spring breakers, or international tourists. Many alternative advertising opportunities exist to reach travelers before they arrive and once they enter the airport including on and off-premise parking facilities & transit shuttles, security bins, baggage carousels, terminal dioramas, digital screens, jet bridges, luggage carts, retail stores, kiosks and club lounges – just to name a few.

Benefits of this OOH Medium –

Airports provide a captive audience, whether on a transit shuttle going to and from the airport, or in the terminal, security lines, baggage claim or concourses. Another benefit is the frequency in which you can reach a traveler. There are many touch points between airport arrival and baggage claim.

How Airport Media is Used –

Advertisers can target different demographic segments with airport media by contracting specific types of airports, markets, and seasons. Frequent business travelers are targeted year-round. College students on spring break can be reached by targeting destination markets in March. Families can be reached during the holidays and summer months.

In addition, advertisers can target specific consumer groups through airport selection. For instance, if a company wants to reach a very high income level, airports located near thriving business centers as well as private airports are the perfect places to do so. On the other hand, if an advertiser is trying to reach parents, airports in high travel family markets should be used-like Orlando. Other targets might include beach markets, cruise markets, international destination markets-the possibilities are endless.

Many advertising categories work well in airport venues. Every category from shoes to computers has used airport campaigns successfully. airline information

How This OOH Medium is Measured –

Currently, on and off-premise airport parking and traffic data are used to calculate impression levels at parking facilities and on shuttle buses. Airport traffic data is used inside the airports. Transaction and visitor numbers are used for the retail and club lounge locations. Both of the major media research companies conduct airport research studies. According to a 2007 airport media study, frequent fliers (defined as those who take four or more trips per year) have an average household income of $100,000. They also account for 60 percent of impressions, and 43 percent consider themselves early adopters of new products and services. An alternative media company can provide you with additional information for specific airports.

Markets where this OOH Medium is Available –

Most airports in the U.S. have advertising opportunities available. Airports have different product opportunities available, so check with the media companies or individual airport advertising offices to see what is available.

New Technology in Airport Media –

Key airport advertising programs have digital opportunities targeting travelers on the concourse level, baggage claim, and inside on and off-premise premium airport transit shuttles with many having audio capabilities. Some airports also have interactive kiosk advertising options available.


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