How to Find a Qualified Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

There are two distinct types of plastic surgery that we hear about in the news today. At times, there is confusion among the public as to what plastic surgery entails and what the different types are. There can be some stigma in some people’s minds when it comes to some kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures. Especially, when you have celebrities who abuse cosmetic surgery.

Just because the word “plastic” is in the title does not mean that the surgery you will have involves plastic pieces. In some cases, I suppose there is some truth to that, but generally the Greek word from which we derive plastic from is “plastikos” which only means to mold or form into a structure.

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is generally centered around two broad types of classification according to the best plastic surgeons. If a plastic surgeon is attempting to repair the person’s ability to function, then we generally use the term reconstructive surgery. Although a reconstructive procedure may indeed also involve appearance, then general purpose is to correct some kind of defect of injury. 성형외과

For instance, repairing a cleft lip and palate or fixing burns or the aftermath of traumatic injuries from dog bites, falls, car accidents, etc. would be prime examples of reconstructive surgery. In addition, fixing the septum inside someones nose so they can breath better would be in this classification. Another good example would be breast reconstruction after a woman has undergone breast cancer treatment.

The second broad category classification would be that of cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. In these procedures, the general aim of the plastic surgeon is to improve someone’s appearance and in the process their self esteem. Often times, a person will request cosmetic surgery because they are just not satisfied with some part of their body.

Some common examples of this would be breast augmentation and/or breast reduction. In a breast enlargement, obviously there are implants used by the surgeon to form the body to the desired look. Sometimes, whether for appearance, function or both, a patient will request a rhinoplasty. This procedure aims to reshape the nose providing a better aesthetic appearance and easier breathing. I have personally had this done and while the improved appearance is a bonus, it does not even compare to the improved function! Another common example would be a procedure called liposuction which involves removing unwanted fat stores from different parts of the body.

Lastly, some of the cosmetic surgery procedures are not even real surgery in that they don’t involve cutting and stitching. Some procedures involve the use of lasers to remove unwanted hair or to sand down the skin in an effort to improve scarring or hyperpigmentation.

These days, cosmetic surgery is considered “hip” and “trendy.” Plastic surgeons are reporting all kinds of people, no matter their social status and frankly, their economic status, are seeking some form of cosmetic surgery procedure. It is almost epidemic in our culture today and is fueled by touched up, airbrushed images plastered all over billboards, TV shows and computers. Even here in the Midwest, in Kansas where I am from, there are plenty of people willing to undergo the knife. It is not just an east or west coast phenomenon anymore. These everyday folks for the most part know that cosmetic procedures are still surgery, yet they are willing to take the risk even though it may cause a financial hardship.

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